Open Your Practice ~ Deepen Your Pose


Hand to Foot Therapeutic Yoga Strap

Adjustable Loop to Distal Loop Hold

Adjustable Loop Over Shoulder to Distal Loop Hold

HastaPada ~ Hand to Foot Hold: 2 Finger Hold

 "All in One" Yoga Strap & Mat Carrier

* Used as a physical therapy tool or yoga prop

*Deepen poses with more steadiness and security

*Promotes agile and efficient maneuverability

*For anyone serious about improving their home/studio practice

*Especially great for people with arthritis

*Two stationary loops for easy and quick hand and foot placement

*One adjustable loop for sequencing ability to gradually improve poses

*Multi-functional adjustable loop setup to assist in a variety of poses

*High quality washed denim for extra durability, comfort, grip, and longevity

*Elegant Inspirational Mantra adds beauty and mindfulness to anyone's practice

Check out the tutorials to see how you can use your own HastaPada® Yoga Strap.

Download and print the HastaPada pamphlet!

Download and print the Therapeutic/Arthritis brochure!