Vyana Mission and Meaning


Vyana Yoga was created from a love of yoga.

Vyana is a sanskrit name for a life pervading vayu (movement) of energy radiating outward from the heart. This energy is associated primarily with the air element. Vyana is the ever present “through-breath” that distributes and circulates our vital life force known as Prana. The qualities of this circular movement circulate, emanate, and permeate from the heart and lungs as it sustains the entire body. Vyana symbolize’s the Noble Heart of Joy expanding our interconnection with humanity; to live in peace, good health, and harmony.

Vyana was founded conceptually to assist others within their yoga practice and all aspects of living in health and wealth.  We believe yoga is a radical movement  “vayu”  and most definitely here to stay - creating a  significant cultural shift on a global scale. Yoga’s holistic, integrated approach and message of interconnection is how and why we are reaching out to you.  

Everywhere you look there are signs of people living more consciously through attention and intention in their daily lives.  Cultivation of this transformational journey begins with health and wellness, personal development, and ultimately a spiritual awakening.

Vyana is considered the central hub and heart of the physical body where the fourth chakra resides. This chakra (Anahata Chakra) is known as the bridge between the physical and spiritual realms. This deeply resonates with us to share our connection to each other and our community to share our yoga experiences. We are extending our reach (as this vayu is known to do)  to support your practice on the mat or on the road with attention to intention.

Vyana Yoga PolariTea & Apothecary is hOMe for many of us seeking a compassionate community to nurture our nature through a lifestyle and practice of yoga and Ayurveda. Our healing center is a sacred space and place to embody all aspects of yoga embodying wellness, longevity, and joy.

Vyana is ‘The HeArt of Yoga”.

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Here is a breakdown of our logo

The Heart is the center of our own universe — it is a pure love of the divine, the generator of the pulse of life, and the hOMe of our soul .

The Heart can be viewed on 3 levels:  physical, energetic and spiritual.

The Physical Heart is the mechanical pump of the circulatory system.

The Esoteric Heart is the center Anahata Chakra that encompasses the heart and respiratory system. The 4th Chakra is situated in the center of the 7 Chakras of the Physical and Energetic Body integrating and unifying the upper 3 and lower 3 chakra's.

The Spiritual Heart is the seat of Self Healing and Evolutionary Development. The Heart allows us to open to something greater than ourselves. When we tune into this vibratory power we rediscover that we are universally connected within an intricate web of relationships.

The Red Heart color represents our Life Source circulating to nourish the entire body. This sacred fluid is the Essence of Life known as Rasa that translates as “taste,” “water/juice” and “bliss.”

The Lotus encompassing the heart symbolizes conscious awareness of enlightenment. This Crown Chakra Centre or “Thousand-Petaled Lotus”  is the Sahasrara Chakra located at the top of the head. The 7th uppermost Chakra is known as the "Doorway to the Divine".

Purple - Amethyst Petals are a depiction of the divinely royal flower blossoming in grace. Purple has been used to symbolize royalty, mystery, magic and spirituality.

The Golden Halo Glow around the Petals is a visual interpretation of the Crown Chakra in its balanced and activated state.This is the Halo and Aura we see depicted in art and history around saints and enlightened beings.

The Vibrant Green of Vyana is associated with the Energetic Center of the Anahata Chakra color resonating with the Air Element and our symbiotic relationship with nature and trees; complementing the life giving properties of our interdependent relationship.

The Radiant Glow embracing the Vyana name is the Golden Aura of Vyana and its outreach of illumination and light.

The Budding Lotus within the Y is the Hridaya (cave of the heart) where the soul resides as a metaphor of enlightenment within the purity of this budding lotus and the reality of our BEing..

The Blue Background represents the air /water element of vyana vayu (one of 5 bodily directions - prana,udana,apana,vyana, samana).

The color of the sky portrays the air we breathe. The blue water illustrates the powerful circulation of life’s healing fluid power. The water resonates with our fluid body system, the ocean of consciousness, and our inherent connection to this planet and each other.

The Emanating Ripple is the “ripple effect” representing the ocean of consciousness and our inter-connectedness. The ripples we create in life connect us to all. This is the cohesive and integrated quality of Vyana.

When we live from the compassion of the heart and our souls intention, we are able to explore our ever-expanding consciousness. To live a revolutionary life of benevolence through compassion and love is the Powerful Connection & Expansion of Vyana.